The process of Summer

Orkney is a place of two seasons – Winter and Summer – more defined by extremes of available light than temperature and weather.  Though it continues to be particularly windy so far this summer I am grateful to have spent a fair amount of time in a kayak. Like going to the art store for paint, time has to be made for swimming and kayaking. Painting has slowed down, paddling has picked up.  I have been taking the place in, situating myself in the space between islands and circumnavigating my neighbourhood by sea.

As in painting, sea kayaking can be a challenging process. Rather than just a means of getting from place to place, paddling a kayak in an environment that pushes you out of your comfort zone is often an end in itself.  

‘The obstacle is the way’

I’m looking forward to my annual trip to Bridge House Art, leaving my studio comfort zone behind, meeting up with new and old art friends and finding the beginner mindset again in painting too.