Spring Sketchbook

After the confinement imposed by wintry weather it has been time to get out and about and fill a sketchbook or two. Over 4 days I visited Marwick and Birsay on the West Mainland of Orkney, and Dingieshowe in Deerness on the east coast and worked my way though similar exercises with the same materials – the first part of the Newlyn School of Art Abstracting the Landscape course by Anita Reynolds. A positive outcome of travel restrictions has been courses which I would have found difficult to travel to, being accessible on line.

As expected it was the simplest of marks which were the most compelling. The less time spent on each piece the more I liked it. Breaking down large drawings into sections really helps to see familiar mark making with fresh eyes. Sorting through and curating dozens of drawings back in the studio reveals habits and preferences, and the occasional exciting new shape or composition to pursue further….